Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ok, I am going to attempt keeping a blog up to date. For the last four months Don and I have been very busy. We went in on a 'flip' house with Beth and Jarom and most days found me there, painting, cleaning, loading the dumpster and hauling dirt to the back, etc. One would think that with all the manual labor I would of dropped a few pounds but, alas I did drop about five but that was it. The house thing was fun.... for the first two months then it was laaabbboooor. The week before we had open house on Sunday I was also getting ready for Beth's shower on Saturday. One minutes I was at Home Depot and the next at Costco. Don does not know how to act to come home in the afternoon and get to read the paper. I know Beth and Jarom feel the same way. Beth is really ready for our first grandchild. WE are sooooo excited about Addie. Beth went to the Doctor today and he said it looks like this is going to be a November child instead of a December one. Katie and Scott are going to be first time Aunt and Uncle. Maybe Addies' birthday will fall on one of there's which will be coming up soon. WEll, as soon as we charge the camera I will add some pictures.

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