Monday, February 25, 2008

"Good ol' Days"

I was looking through some pictures and saw some that I thought were sweet. On the top left is a picture of my friend Connie and I. Connie is holding Beth and I am holding Katie. In this particular picture I think Katie looks a lot like Addie. In the top right is another adorable picture. This is a picture of Beth, (notice the band aids on both her knees). She is hugging her baby doll and at the same time watching over baby brother Scott, making sure he doesn't fall off the table. Katie is riding her tricycle in the back ground. The one on the bottom left was taken soon after Christmas. Yep, both the girls got these rocking guitars for Christmas and boy do they feel good about themselves!

The picture on the bottom right is my brother Jeff's truck. Seated from left to right is Scott, Kellee, Beth, Katie and Ryan. Ryan always watched over Katie.

Here is a picture of me in lst grade.

Last but not least is a picture of my dad. Yep! he is the one standing in the chair. Isn't he a cutie pie. He looks mad as a wet hen but no wonder, he has a dress on. :) It looks as if it wont get any better for awhile, that is his older brothers standing to the left of him. Yesterday was dad's birthday. He would be 94 if he were still alive. Love Ya Dad, miss you tons...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dog Days

I am use to walking by myself but since B. is now at home I go over and walk with her. She pushes A. and I walk my grandpuppies. At the beginning they walk me but after about thirty minutes they slow down.

Yesterday was super cold but A. doesn't feel the effects since her Mommie keeps her bundled up. She has her favorite blanket over her and even though she starts off the walk wide awake within a block she is usually snoozing. Reminds me alot of her Aunt K. when she was a baby.

I have become these sweet granddogs best friend. They get so excited when I drive up because they know that Grandma has come to take them for a walk.

I really enjoy the time I have with them and of course with my daughter and granddaughter. Today K. joined us and the dogs really was excited because she would take time running with them. Well this is a short post, I just wanted my sisters to see my sweet doggies.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Belated Valentine's Day

Okay, I am really late with this post. First I want to show this culprit that caused me to regain four of my pounds back. It was a chocolate cake from Costco and I think I was trying to finish it off all by myself. The trick was I was trying to do it and not get caught by Don who thought I was being diligent by not eating sweets.
I have an annual Valentine's meal and this year Lavor joined us since he was in town. I love this picture because you can tell they are taking each other's measure. Addie looks like she thinking "Hmm, so that's where I got the dimple in my chin from."
Great Grandmother's Mimmie and Mawmaw were here also but Mawmaw didn't like her pictures. Also, I did take pictures of Katie and Scott but they both would of shot me if I had put the picture on my blog without them editing them.Awww, okay, this child is just too adorable. She's tired and now she has taken to rubbing her eyes. I am going to have to indulge myself and tell an Addie story. The other day Beth and I went for an hour walk and when we got back Beth asked if I would hold Addie while she took a shower. Well geeze, of course. I love spending time with my sweet grandchild. I took her into her nursery and was rocking her when Beth came out of the shower. As I commented on the previous blog Beth talks to this child constantly, even so I was shocked when Beth came around the corner. Addie looked up at her Mom and went "mmmma". Don has laughed at me when I tell this story. Today at church he leaned over and whispered that Addie was telling him that she was concerned about Global Warming. But the fact is Beth was there too and she heard it also. So, ha ha Don.
Grandma's little Genius

Monday, February 4, 2008

Babies Rock

First I want to say congratulations to the newest grandma on the block! Sandy just welcomed a grandson into her family. Mark Hayden Fredrickson was born on February the 3rd and he is a beauty. Beth, Addie and I went to see him and the proud parents this evening. It wasn't long before Sandy showed up which wasn't a surprise to me. Sandy and I agree that being a grandma is the best feeling alive!

Addie came to visit Sunday, okay, Beth and Jarom did also and once again our little angel was the center of attention. She is getting so attentive and loves to interact with everyone.

I had to post this picture, this is Beth gooing over Addie. She talks to Addie all the time. Addie is getting where she goo's back.

Jarom broke away from the Super Bowl to have some one one one time with one of his favorite girls. Guess what he is teaching Addie to do.

By the end of the Super Bowl Sunday Addie was fast asleep. It is exhausting keeping everyone entertained! Love ya Addie!