Thursday, March 27, 2008


Addie is slipping down in the chair as her mommy goes through her basket!

Hurry Up Mom!

Another fan, another day....

You think Katie is giving her basket her undivided attention until you look at her hand...


Mommy and Addie having a little down time...

These are a few pictures I had left from Easter. No Scott has not been adopted out, he left after lunch to go to Jazel's house.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

This Easter Blog will be in two parts ( I am having a hard time adding more pictures...:). Easter was little colder from what we were wanting. We had great plans for the day with lots of games to play outside. Due to the cold weather the only game being played was horse shoes. Don and his brother Bob were fearless and spent the afternoon playing one game after the other. Jarom and Scott played a couple but gave it up for Halo.

Don getting ready to ring one!

I don't know if anyone noticed but Don shaved his beard off which to me knocked off ten years. The big surprise was when he shaved his mustache off. He has had one for the whole time we were married minus the time he was going through the police academy. I used to be the one that looked younger but now he is!

Katie and Jazel cheesing it for the camera!

Scott and Jazel with their Easter Basket...

Addie being a cutie as usual.

Beth and Jarom going through their basket.

I have more pictures from yesterday and will add them tomorrow. Beth and I took a fast hard four mile walk and I am tired. (Okay, I came home from the walk and blew it, and now I am going into a carb coma! ) Tomorrow is another day, and I will do better.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh Baby!

Okay, Gramps got his sweet grandbaby an activity center, and she loves it!

If you look above you can see when she spots her favorite toy on the activity center...

She works around and sits back to take a good look at it...

And decided it is a keeper!

Love that sweet Addie, look at the lashes on that baby girl! Okay today is another short post due to the fact that some of my pictures were accidentally deleted... oh well, better luck next time.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Okay, Third time charm....I hope

Here's pictures of my daughters Katie and Beth and my mom and sister Joan. Notice they are smiling but Addie has clearly had enough!
I had a fun day playing chicken scratch but I forgot to bring my camera. Thank heavens Beth brought hers. I ask her to let me have the pictures of Joan and Mom for my blog. Beth did use a few, (Thank you dear!) but saved the ones I wanted for mine.

Here I am grinning with a few of my favorite people. I love my whole family even though the ones here didn't let me win. :)

Joan, Me, Addie and Mom

I am ending this blog now and praying I can get this thing to post without disappearing. I am so darn computer illiterate. One thing is for sure there is nothing wrong with my patience. :)