Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another smaller reunion. :)

Time waits for no one......

Last Friday I had Morgan over for half a day. Nearly seven years ago when Margaret (Jeff's wife), was pregnant with Jarred I found out I was going to have a baby also. Well, maybe not literally but about four months before Morgan was born I got a call from Steve and Tammy asking me to babysit their new born child. I was delighted to and five days before Jarred was born Morgan made her entrance into this world. Needless to say, Morgan and Jarred did a lot of things together. A year ago I stopped taking care of Morgan due to the fact she was going to Kindergarten. The thing is even though circumstances change you never forget a baby that you have had for six years of their life and so we had a mini reunion. We had a picnic on the mountain and then went by for ice cream. After we dropped Margaret and Jarred off, Morgan and I had our alone time. It's funny how you can fall back into a routine, which we did. Morgan then got to visit with Addie my new granddaughter. It was funny seeing Addie in Morgan's arms because it was just the other day that she was in mine. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Okay, I have had a sick daughter these last two days and I spent last night at her house watching over her and tending to Addie. Here is some picture from Mom's (Aunt Thelmas's) family. I ended up missing some in our family too, (sorry Margaret) but this first picture is of Jeff and Margaret son, Cody. Beside him is a picture of Margaret so I did get a picture of her if being in the background counts.
Cousins, but then again aren't we all! This is Jeff's daughter Kellee and my daughter Katie, hamming it for the camera. :)

This is another set of cousins, My son Scott and Jeff's daughter Hannah.

Cousins again, yes, our kids are close. This is my daughter Katie and Jeff's son Ryan.

This is my daughter Beth, with my sweet, adorable first grandchild. Sorry Beth, caught you with your eyes close. You and your Aunt Joan are going to kill me.

This is Joan's husband W.T.

Here's a picture of Joan with her eyes close... sorry to you too Joan, I didn't have another one to replace it....

This is my brother Jeff, Danny, Barbara and family are missing, and so is Pam. Hopefully they will be at the next reunion.

Jared, Jeff's son.

Ryan, Jeff's oldest.

I have a few picture's I left out on accident and will put them in the next blog. The only picture I have of mom is the one with her and Uncle Bobby and Aunt Betty. It may be a day or two but I will finish the last of the blogging.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Marsh Reunion V

One more time, thank you sooooo much Uncle Bobby and Aunt Dean for letting every one gather at your place. I know it was expensive and I am sure y'all are still exhausted. Thank you again! This is Uncle Bobby's family. The younger boys are his grand sons. Bobby II is setting beside Ricky on the right beneath the umbrella and that is his sweet, gracious wife beneath him. Last is Aunt Dean :)

Marsh Reunion IV

Okay everyone here is Uncle Paul's and Aunt Maggie's family. Here is Avis and beneath is her two son's. I think Pete and John. After them is Tim and last is Aunt Inez. Aunt Inez gave me my first 'job'. They hired Pam for the summer and where ever Pam went I wanted to go so I got to work. I got to eat all my mistakes. (I think I took advantage of that) and then I only got a small sum a week. Pam made more but it didn't bother me. 1. I got to be with Pam. 2. Free Food 3. Cute fellows and did I say Free Food?!

Marsh Reunion V coming up.

Marsh Reunion III

Here is Aunt Velma's family. I swear Gwen hasn't changed one bit. That is Chris beneath his picture followed by Judy and Uncle Carl. Chris I must be having a brain burp because I couldn't place you. It was only as I was going through the picture that it came to me. Sorry, it is heck sometimes being 51.

If any of the family wasn't their, don't be fooled by what seems like sunshine. The only sunshine we had was liquid. :)

Marsh Reunion II (I hope)

This morning I am going to do Aunt Jean's Family. My first picture is of Kathy. Kathy is Aunt Jean's oldest daughter. I loved seeing you Kathy. You have so much of Aunt Jean in you. I wish we had longer time to set and talk. Melva, I owe you my apology. I was so excited about seeing you and talking with you that once again I forgot to take a photo. I searched and searched through my pictures but couldn't find one. Nevertheless I got your beautiful daughters. Forgive me, Next time I will take two of you.. . :)

Yall cannot believe what a hard time I am getting this blog out. Twice I downloaded pictures which takes my computer forever and each time the thing erases it before I finish. So I am going to take each family one at a time.

When you go to reunion's they can be bitter sweet. It is so much fun to see your cousin and aunt and uncle and seeing the ever growing family but then you look around and see those that are missing. There was no Aunt Maggie or Uncle Perrin. Uncle Perrin used to tease me about the 'wiggly things' in the water. (when I was a little girl I saw what water looked like under a microscope and didn't want to take a bath after that.)....(Mom told Uncle Perrin). No Uncle Paul with his sweet, kind Manner. No Aunt Jean, whom everyone loved being around, she always had a way of making you feel good about yourself. No Uncle Jerry and Uncle Junior, who were some of the youngest of the group. Also there was No Aunt Velma who did so many kind things for me. I miss my cousin Pat who walks the streets of my memories. Sandra who always looked so pretty with bright blue eyes. I know there are others too, each is missed and loved. One thing for sure they would be proud of their children and family. My kids remarked on how nice everyone was and how much fun they had. I didn't expect for them to feel anything less.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Marsh Family Reunion

Aunt Dean and Uncle Bobby

First let me say a big thank you to Uncle Bobby and Aunt Dean for letting the whole family use their home. You were gracious and kind and we appreciate you two tons and your children with their help too . :)

Mom, Uncle Bobby and Aunt Betty

Even though their were only three of the nine children left at this reunion, just about every family was represented. We missed Aunt Via and her children, Uncle Jerry' children, Lana, Anthony, (Anthony I missed you a lot, I wanted to laugh with you about the old day :), my sister Pam and my brother Danny, his wife Barbara and all their children, any anyone else that was MIA.

First in posting of the cousin I am going to show Brenda. Why Brenda? Because she and me and Pat used to run around together as children, and being with her today was a refreshing step back into the past!

Brenda, her son Jon and two pretty granddaughters.

This next three pictures are my cousins Connie, Carol and Cheryl.

And here is the youngest brother Ricky!

Brenda's Willie

Willie, I took two pictures of you and in one your eyes were completely closed so I chose this one.

Connie's Ronnie
Ronnie, Here's the picture of you laughing after saying great grandma!

Right now I want to apologize to Wayne. I thought I got your picture, but I didn't. I didn't get one of me either.... So, If I left anyone out it was without ill intent I just missed you in the crowd.

Aunt Betty with husband Louise

This is All of Aunt Betty family. Sorry for not putting names with everyone, I am just a slow blogger and it would take me forever.

Okay, this is the end of part I of the blog. I am going to do part II when I get back from Wally World tonight, and we will get the rest of our ever growing family blogged.