Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey Sissy, Where Are You!?

We went out to lunch yesterday, (Thank you Joanie, it was delicious, unexpected, and lots of fun!), and I decided to take the digital camera along.

I wanted to get pictures for you Pam, but we had the hardest time getting Joan to keep her eyes open....Hee, hee, hee. I even said "okay, on the count of three!" But the joke ended up on me as Joan took two wonderful photo's outside. ( WE were drawing to much attention inside.)

Geeze Joan you look like your doing a photo shoot with the wind blowing through your hair!

Here is Mom cheesing it for the camera!

Okay I cheated, this is a picture of me at Beth's B'day meal, but dog gone it, I take lousy pictures. Beth, you would of smiled as Joan tried to get me to smile different. When I started posing for the camera, I get this big fake grin going. Look yall, I am not photogenic ..... but there were three of us there so a picture is a picture. Just imagine I am standing by Joan's car with the wind blowing through my hair. I did take that picture but after looking at Joan's I looked like the before picture and she looked like the after. Ha, ha, ha. ;p .... Or Ten Years Younger... Or Extreme Makeover... You get the picture!

Either way we had a wonderful couple of hours and can't wait for the third sister to come down so we can complete the sister triangle! Love my sisters and my mom, ....okay and my daughters, Addie, Husband, Sons....

Thursday, June 26, 2008


HAPPY BELATED B'DAY BETHIE! I had a hard time getting these picture's downloaded so pardon the delay. The adorable pictures of Addi and You will more then make up for the wait!

I fixed Beth her her B'day dinner, which happen to be a home cooked Southern meal. The fun thing was I fixed a chair for Addie and here she is joining everyone at the table for the first time. She is checking her baby fork out, I think her spoon has already gone south. :p

Jarom's two girl's cheesing it for the camera!

I have not a clue what Beth is doing but doesn't Addi look adorable!

Beth's cookie cake was near Beth and Addi, we looked away for a second and Addi reached out real quick scooped up the icing and crammed it in her mouth. She sure is a fast little booger!

Here is Beth looking at one of her favorite gifts! :)

Addi wearing a hat "fashioned" by her proud daddy. :)

In this last picture Beth pushed her cake away from Addi because she lunged for it twice. Addi looks disgusted as if to say, "I'm over this!"

Happy belated Birthday Bethie, I love ya dearly. For twenty three years you have never ceased to amaze me. You were an excellent student during school and college. You did them both with honors and now that you are a young mother and wife once more you do it with excellence!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Our trip to the Smokies this year could not have been better! The weather was perfect and so was the time we were able to be together. Here is a picture of our growing family. Two years ago we took a picture here that had Jarom as our latest member of the family and now we've added Addi. Geeze a growing family is a lot of fun. I saw a t-shirt that said "I am the big sister" and showed it to Beth and she just rolled her eyes and said "Mooommmm". You know that you annoy your children when they make your name 5 syllables. :) Sigh. Okay, Addi is perfect for now but maybe in a year or so.......

Gatlinburg has many attractions but one of the kids favorites was right there at the hotel. You will notice I am not in the picture. Someone had to hold Addi and there was no way I was getting in that picture.

This is a picture of the Pancake Pantry. Why do we have a picture of this place? Because this is Jarom's absolute favorite place in the Smokies. No Kidding. And if you have ever eaten there you would agree. The pancakes are amazing!

This is a picture of my three girls at the Village. I love that shopping center. It is like stepping back into time. You will notice the men are not in the picture that is because they have found a place to set down and wait. Katie loves to shop and I do some but Beth...... I could safely say that I could put Beth up against anyone else that loves to shop and Beth could more then hold her on. Good grief that kid is tireless! We went to the outlet stores in Pigeon Forge and Katie, Addi and I were setting in the car waiting for her (We were well over it by that time). I notice the lady come and lock the door, five minutes past and here she comes back with the keys to let Beth out. Grin. That 's my girl. Poor Jarom.

This is a picture of Don, Scott and Katie waiting for Beth to get ready.... It takes her a loooonnnngggg time. Jarom opted that evening to stay and watch a Cubs game.

This is one of Don's favorite attractions! This guy looked so real and everything about him was detailed. There were more character's around him I just don't want to take up my blog space.

Don, Katie, Scott and I rode the ski lift up to the top. (A tradition, a bit scary, but a tradition:) This is Katie looking down on the main streets of Gatlinburg.

Okay, this is Scott acting crazy. (This is normal for him) That rock is suppose to weight ten tons and it glides on water. Here Scott is "stopping" it by sheer strength. Hee, hee.

There are lots more pictures, we took 122 but that is it for now. We had fun and I can't wait till we go again!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Clair De Lune

We had the Missionaries over for supper tonight, Elder Bruff and Elder Wiler. Elder Bruff is a fantastic pianist and Elder Wiler is a fantastic companion. I asked Elder Bruff to play a piece for us and he did. So click on the video and listen to Clair De Lune. I think you will be quite pleased.