Friday, March 7, 2008

Okay, Third time charm....I hope

Here's pictures of my daughters Katie and Beth and my mom and sister Joan. Notice they are smiling but Addie has clearly had enough!
I had a fun day playing chicken scratch but I forgot to bring my camera. Thank heavens Beth brought hers. I ask her to let me have the pictures of Joan and Mom for my blog. Beth did use a few, (Thank you dear!) but saved the ones I wanted for mine.

Here I am grinning with a few of my favorite people. I love my whole family even though the ones here didn't let me win. :)

Joan, Me, Addie and Mom

I am ending this blog now and praying I can get this thing to post without disappearing. I am so darn computer illiterate. One thing is for sure there is nothing wrong with my patience. :)


Anonymous said...

OOhhhhhhh how I miss y'all!! What beautiful pictures! Wish I could have been there and played chicken scratch..........

Brittany & Noah said...

Looks like ya'll had a good time!!
What is Chicken Scratch???