Thursday, July 29, 2010

Field of Dreams

Don is such a wonderful Grandpa. A title that he loves dearly. He keeps a recording of Addie's voice on his cell phone month's ago when she left him a message. Every time he listens to his messages he comes across Addie's and he gets this smile on his face.
He suffers from empty nest syndrome and talks of when Beth and Katie were little girls and we were at the beach. I was in the room with baby Scott and he took his two "girly worlies" with him to go across the street to the brightly painted shops. We were staying at Emerald Beach Hotel. The place we stayed was new at the time and now it is already torn down with a newer place , but the memory, that is forever. He tells that story often. He had each daughter by the hand and he wanted them to have bright pretty floats. They danced with delight at going and he smiles as he remembers their joy. He held their hands tightly and told them he had to hold tight to his 'girlie worlies'.
We were so delighted when Addie was born and now we wait anxiously for little Livy... Once again Don will have two little 'girlie worlies' to buy floats for. . .

He likes taking Addie places and just being with her. We have a swing that is hanging between two old pecan trees in our back yard. When his mother was a little girl, her dad put the bar between the two trees, in the Y of the branches. That was long ago and the bar for as long as I remember has been a part of the tree . Tuesday when Addie came over she saw Grandpa drive up, when he came in she ask "Grandpa, let's swing". He will go up and swing with her for as long as she likes. She is our princess, the apple of our eyes.

We will save the wishes for our sweet Addie and for our up and coming new grand daughter.
We count our blessings as the best wishes we could have and at the top are our sweet Addie and soon to be Livy!!!!

Field of dreams :)

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Beth said...

Aw, fun times! Addie sure does love Grandpa and told me today "Grandpa is not your Grandpa" and I said "no he's my daddy" and she said "Well Grandpa is MY friend!" lol! We sure do love Gramps!