Monday, February 25, 2008

"Good ol' Days"

I was looking through some pictures and saw some that I thought were sweet. On the top left is a picture of my friend Connie and I. Connie is holding Beth and I am holding Katie. In this particular picture I think Katie looks a lot like Addie. In the top right is another adorable picture. This is a picture of Beth, (notice the band aids on both her knees). She is hugging her baby doll and at the same time watching over baby brother Scott, making sure he doesn't fall off the table. Katie is riding her tricycle in the back ground. The one on the bottom left was taken soon after Christmas. Yep, both the girls got these rocking guitars for Christmas and boy do they feel good about themselves!

The picture on the bottom right is my brother Jeff's truck. Seated from left to right is Scott, Kellee, Beth, Katie and Ryan. Ryan always watched over Katie.

Here is a picture of me in lst grade.

Last but not least is a picture of my dad. Yep! he is the one standing in the chair. Isn't he a cutie pie. He looks mad as a wet hen but no wonder, he has a dress on. :) It looks as if it wont get any better for awhile, that is his older brothers standing to the left of him. Yesterday was dad's birthday. He would be 94 if he were still alive. Love Ya Dad, miss you tons...

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Beth said...

Love the old pictures, I really might steal them for my blog too... :) Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mom, I love you!