Thursday, June 26, 2008


HAPPY BELATED B'DAY BETHIE! I had a hard time getting these picture's downloaded so pardon the delay. The adorable pictures of Addi and You will more then make up for the wait!

I fixed Beth her her B'day dinner, which happen to be a home cooked Southern meal. The fun thing was I fixed a chair for Addie and here she is joining everyone at the table for the first time. She is checking her baby fork out, I think her spoon has already gone south. :p

Jarom's two girl's cheesing it for the camera!

I have not a clue what Beth is doing but doesn't Addi look adorable!

Beth's cookie cake was near Beth and Addi, we looked away for a second and Addi reached out real quick scooped up the icing and crammed it in her mouth. She sure is a fast little booger!

Here is Beth looking at one of her favorite gifts! :)

Addi wearing a hat "fashioned" by her proud daddy. :)

In this last picture Beth pushed her cake away from Addi because she lunged for it twice. Addi looks disgusted as if to say, "I'm over this!"

Happy belated Birthday Bethie, I love ya dearly. For twenty three years you have never ceased to amaze me. You were an excellent student during school and college. You did them both with honors and now that you are a young mother and wife once more you do it with excellence!


Beth said...

Thank you Mom, but that first picture of me stinks!

lana said...

Hey Sherry this is your long lost cousin Lana from Colorado. I am your aunt Jeans daughter ( yank) Your cousin Pats sister. My neice Jeannie pats daughter sent me reunion pics. WISH i could of been there. Please send me your e-mail address and i will e-mail back and send you pics. wait to here from you.

lana said...

forgot to give you my e-mail ... its