Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Friday night Beth and Jarom went on a date without Addie, which doesn't happen a lot. WE were thrilled to get her for the evening so Addie, Aunt Katie, Grandma and Gramps went to Cracker Barrel and afterwards shopping. Addie made the evening fun with her sweet antics.

Here is a video from Addie's Aunt Katie, needless to say we, (Katie, Gramps and Grandma) are new. LOL, for one thing we couldn't get the dog gone thing to stop recording. Either way around Addie was way excited to 'rock' the rocker all by herself.

This is a picture of my beautiful daughters Katie, Beth and granddaughter Addie. They are some of my best buddies. That is the beauty of when your children grow up, You may feel empty nest until you realize that they are some of the best confidantes you can have around. One thing for sure they can sure make you laugh and laugh at yourself. It's funny to go over the years and see it from their perspective. Young mother's beware! Daughters love to bring up old stories. Grin, oh well, Crazy works in this family. Ha, Ha.


Beth said...

I love her rocking! I need to break out my old rocker for her. We had a fun night out too, need to let you take Addie out more often!

Clarissa and Matt said...

Oh my goodness. Love her rocking in that rocking chair! She sure is a cutie!