Thursday, October 23, 2008


Happy Birthday To My Sweet Sisters!

If we got to choose our family than I get an A+ for mine! I am so lucky to have the two sister's that I have. Remember: Joan, 1105 E. Clinton St..... "If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning, I'd hammer in the evening, all over this world....." . You taught me the power of unity in rough times. Or maybe getting rid of my uni brow, or letting me borrow tons of your clothes. Maybe it is the fact that I was spoiled rotten and I had all my brother's and sister's mad at me...(mom and dad was gone somewhere) and I went out side and sat on the front porch. You told, I think It was one of the brother's that is enough and came out and sat beside me and put your arm around me. Sis, I didn't deserve that hug but it sure was appreciated. You taught me, compassion. Possibly it is for the fact that you have always been there to listen, to laugh, to sympathize to encourage me, and all the rest of your siblings. You are a fantastic Sister, and I love ya tons, so Happy Birthday Sis, I hope it is one of your best. Love you, Sherry


Hey Pam, You can not believe what a hard time I had posting, so I didn't get to blog on your birthday a couple of weeks ago. Even though I miss that chance to blog I don't want to miss this one: Remember Pam: "A sailor went to sea, sea, sea, to see what he could see, see, see, but the only thing he could see, see, see was the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea.... ,Or the long hot summer nights setting up eating cucumbers and watching old movies like "Seven brides for seven brother's. You shared with me the joys of being young and carefree. I remember one time setting something on fire when I was a little girl in the bathroom and dad was mad, when he asked who did this you looked at my frightened face and said you did. I know dad knew better because I remember the look he gave me. When I tell you my dreams and my inner thoughts you believe in me and bought me my beautiful necklace that has believe engrave on it. It has come to symbolize so much to me. And I also remember the laughter, tears and confidence we always share. I miss you tons sis, the light in this tunnel is that I know that it will be soon that you are going to move back to Huntsville, Yeah!!!


Joan with our brother's Danny and Jeff



I am glad I have You two for my sisters!

My sister's are the wind beneath my wings, love ya sissies. I hope we have many, many, more years of laughter, long talks and sharing. HAPPY, HAPPY, BIRTHDAY'S


Sandy said...

OH my goodness that was the sweetest blog!! Makes me wish I had sisters!!! Beautiful pics!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Pam and Aunt Joan! WE love you!!!!

Katie said...

And im blessed enough to have them as my aunts :) Happy birthday Aunt Joan and Aunt Pam, i love yall! :)