Saturday, October 4, 2008


This is pictures of either Boggie or one of her brothers or sisters as a pup. The two bigger dogs are Boggie parent's. Aren't they gorgeous?! The next picture is of the Dad. Boggie has been with us for a week and she is a sweet, frisky, adorable pup! Scott thinks she is his but honestly she loves everyone she comes in contact with. :)


The Walker Family said...

WOW! What a big dog! She is beuatiful! I said I never wanted a big dog and what does Goerge bring home ? a four-month old standard poodle! I hated it for the first two weeks and now I'm completely in love with Benny! Give Boggie a kiss from the Walkers!

Beth said...

That dog is so spoiled already! I can't believe how she has already taken over the home! ;)

Brittany & Noah said...

What a cute puppy!!!
what breed?
Oh & Noah will be a turtle for halloween... He'll be so darn cute! I can hardly wait!