Sunday, November 1, 2009

The End of October
October was a very busy month around here. We have lots of family birthday's this month. Happy birthday to Cindy, Pam, Joan, Jacob and Jarred. My sister Pam moved back to Huntsville this month. Welcome back home Sissy! I love having you here even though you are keeping me humble with the Rook games. I did a Halloween meal for my family/friends/missionaries and had a lot of fun decorating. Our ward did trunk or treating this past week. Last but not least Don, Beth, Jarom , Bob and I took Addie trick or treating. LOL !!! Five Adults and one itty, bitty, precious fairy! Honestly, I do not know how all the grandma's handles all the happiness mutilple grandchildren brings. :) My camera I got for Christmas last year (I picked it out) Stinks!, so I asked Beth to take a few pictures and I am posting them above. One of my 3 favorite months is already behind us but I am looking forward to Turkey month. We have Katie, Scott's, Veronica's, Sam's birthday this month and Miss Addie turns 2. (Sorry I didn't get those birthday's in order) Also my nephew Matt graduate's from basic training! Yeah Matt, we are all so very proud of you hon!And of course this is the month that the long awaited movie New Moon is coming out! Yahoo! Well this is a short post but since I haven't blogged very much, short is better than nothing. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Month!


Sandy said...

The Dining Room is decorated so cool! I didn't get to see Mark as a cowboy because I was recuperating. So glad you're blogging again!!

Beth said...

Very fun dinner!

Katie said...

That dinner was sooooo yummy and fun! :)