Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Most Happiest Feeling of All.....

Katie and Scott on Ski lift. (I can not get the stupid picture to go to the bottom so I am leaving it here) LOL!!!!

This is a picture below I took while we were driving away from Gatlinburg on our way home... Since I am not the photographer that Beth, or Alisha, or all of the other young talents we have been blessed with, I thought it didn't turn out half bad, especially since mine is a cheap little digital camera. This trip was one of those kodak moments where every moment was sweet and every memory is one to be cherised. I will post today and tomorrow and share some of these wonderful times!

This is Scott on our way to Gatlinburg, he was fast asleep since we got up at 4 to leave. I took this picture as the dawn was breaking. Yall know how Thomas Kincaid always has a bird somewhere up in the sky of all his pictures....well look out the window. :)

This fellow is the famous Captain Jack Sparrow...he did an amazing job imitating Johnny Depp. He was part of the Christmas parade that we went to see. They also had Forrest Gump and Michael Jackson. Even though this parade was excellent the woman at the hotel says the 4th of July one is better. It starts one minute past midnight on July 3rd and last for at least 2 hours and that starts their day of festivities.

Jarom and Addie during the was coooolllllddddd!!!!

Don, Jarom, Scott and Katie rode the Zip line. There were 9 lines they went down. Brave Katie for going.


On Saturday we woke up to snow like Huntsville did. Everyone was taking way to long to get up and our so Scott and I went on ahead. He found someone to take our picture.

It is getting late and I am getting frustrated with this blogging so I will post now and do another page tomorrow. Sigh! how do all you professionals do this all the time.....


Beth said...

What a great trip!!!

Katie said...

AWESOME TRIP!!! and you got great pics! :D

Sandy said...

I am so glad that you all had such a wonderful trip! You sounded great! Everyone looks so happy! Great job with the pics! Can't wait to get together. Loved all the pictures of Addie's b-day. Oh my goodness she is growing up so fast, just like Marky! Beth sure did so a great job with the decor. Come and visit my blog and tell me what your fav song and movie is. :D