Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good ol' days

Okay, Look at that adorable face, what is not to love. So, I was thinking the other day at church, "hmm, Addie is now ten months old, pretty soon she will be in her twenties. " With that thought I looked around and realized what a lucky girl Addie is... there sure are some cute, adorable little boys out there. One may laugh and think, "gees mom, don't rush it,"
but it was just the other day (or so it seems) that my two little girls were just babies. Hold on to these hectic days girls, they are wonderful, packed, and exhausting, but they will be something you will smile at as you get older.

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Beth said...

you got better pcs of Adde than dd. sorry my "eye" key doesn't work on ths computer....