Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dog Days

I am use to walking by myself but since B. is now at home I go over and walk with her. She pushes A. and I walk my grandpuppies. At the beginning they walk me but after about thirty minutes they slow down.

Yesterday was super cold but A. doesn't feel the effects since her Mommie keeps her bundled up. She has her favorite blanket over her and even though she starts off the walk wide awake within a block she is usually snoozing. Reminds me alot of her Aunt K. when she was a baby.

I have become these sweet granddogs best friend. They get so excited when I drive up because they know that Grandma has come to take them for a walk.

I really enjoy the time I have with them and of course with my daughter and granddaughter. Today K. joined us and the dogs really was excited because she would take time running with them. Well this is a short post, I just wanted my sisters to see my sweet doggies.

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Beth said...

The pups missed you today! They are outside looking around confused! We'll have to go tomorrow.