Monday, February 4, 2008

Babies Rock

First I want to say congratulations to the newest grandma on the block! Sandy just welcomed a grandson into her family. Mark Hayden Fredrickson was born on February the 3rd and he is a beauty. Beth, Addie and I went to see him and the proud parents this evening. It wasn't long before Sandy showed up which wasn't a surprise to me. Sandy and I agree that being a grandma is the best feeling alive!

Addie came to visit Sunday, okay, Beth and Jarom did also and once again our little angel was the center of attention. She is getting so attentive and loves to interact with everyone.

I had to post this picture, this is Beth gooing over Addie. She talks to Addie all the time. Addie is getting where she goo's back.

Jarom broke away from the Super Bowl to have some one one one time with one of his favorite girls. Guess what he is teaching Addie to do.

By the end of the Super Bowl Sunday Addie was fast asleep. It is exhausting keeping everyone entertained! Love ya Addie!

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Beth said...

Is she not the cutest baby in the world or what?