Sunday, February 17, 2008

Belated Valentine's Day

Okay, I am really late with this post. First I want to show this culprit that caused me to regain four of my pounds back. It was a chocolate cake from Costco and I think I was trying to finish it off all by myself. The trick was I was trying to do it and not get caught by Don who thought I was being diligent by not eating sweets.
I have an annual Valentine's meal and this year Lavor joined us since he was in town. I love this picture because you can tell they are taking each other's measure. Addie looks like she thinking "Hmm, so that's where I got the dimple in my chin from."
Great Grandmother's Mimmie and Mawmaw were here also but Mawmaw didn't like her pictures. Also, I did take pictures of Katie and Scott but they both would of shot me if I had put the picture on my blog without them editing them.Awww, okay, this child is just too adorable. She's tired and now she has taken to rubbing her eyes. I am going to have to indulge myself and tell an Addie story. The other day Beth and I went for an hour walk and when we got back Beth asked if I would hold Addie while she took a shower. Well geeze, of course. I love spending time with my sweet grandchild. I took her into her nursery and was rocking her when Beth came out of the shower. As I commented on the previous blog Beth talks to this child constantly, even so I was shocked when Beth came around the corner. Addie looked up at her Mom and went "mmmma". Don has laughed at me when I tell this story. Today at church he leaned over and whispered that Addie was telling him that she was concerned about Global Warming. But the fact is Beth was there too and she heard it also. So, ha ha Don.
Grandma's little Genius

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Brittany & Noah said...

:) I love Addy's Dimple in her chin... It is way to cute!
And Thanks for the sweet comment! *blushes* He did an awesome job, lol better then me in fact, we only had to toss one photo because i was the on who closed my eyes :P
lol If you want on of the photos i'm sure we'll have plenty... I was only going to get a few, but Nana was there and she about bought the store LoL! so thanks to nana we have enough to give the world ;)