Saturday, July 12, 2008

Marsh Family Reunion

Aunt Dean and Uncle Bobby

First let me say a big thank you to Uncle Bobby and Aunt Dean for letting the whole family use their home. You were gracious and kind and we appreciate you two tons and your children with their help too . :)

Mom, Uncle Bobby and Aunt Betty

Even though their were only three of the nine children left at this reunion, just about every family was represented. We missed Aunt Via and her children, Uncle Jerry' children, Lana, Anthony, (Anthony I missed you a lot, I wanted to laugh with you about the old day :), my sister Pam and my brother Danny, his wife Barbara and all their children, any anyone else that was MIA.

First in posting of the cousin I am going to show Brenda. Why Brenda? Because she and me and Pat used to run around together as children, and being with her today was a refreshing step back into the past!

Brenda, her son Jon and two pretty granddaughters.

This next three pictures are my cousins Connie, Carol and Cheryl.

And here is the youngest brother Ricky!

Brenda's Willie

Willie, I took two pictures of you and in one your eyes were completely closed so I chose this one.

Connie's Ronnie
Ronnie, Here's the picture of you laughing after saying great grandma!

Right now I want to apologize to Wayne. I thought I got your picture, but I didn't. I didn't get one of me either.... So, If I left anyone out it was without ill intent I just missed you in the crowd.

Aunt Betty with husband Louise

This is All of Aunt Betty family. Sorry for not putting names with everyone, I am just a slow blogger and it would take me forever.

Okay, this is the end of part I of the blog. I am going to do part II when I get back from Wally World tonight, and we will get the rest of our ever growing family blogged.


Anonymous said...

Sis, how much fun!! I can't believe its been so long since I've seen Connie, Carol and Brenda!! It brings back such sweet memories... Lots of summer evenings playing at 1105 & 1107. Looking forward to part II. Love Pam

Anonymous said...

It was so very nice to see family I have not seen in years. Some I did not know there faces but knew of them by their names. I hope to stay in touch .
Sherry I am sending Aunt Lana this web site I think she will love it.