Sunday, July 13, 2008

Marsh Reunion II (I hope)

This morning I am going to do Aunt Jean's Family. My first picture is of Kathy. Kathy is Aunt Jean's oldest daughter. I loved seeing you Kathy. You have so much of Aunt Jean in you. I wish we had longer time to set and talk. Melva, I owe you my apology. I was so excited about seeing you and talking with you that once again I forgot to take a photo. I searched and searched through my pictures but couldn't find one. Nevertheless I got your beautiful daughters. Forgive me, Next time I will take two of you.. . :)

Yall cannot believe what a hard time I am getting this blog out. Twice I downloaded pictures which takes my computer forever and each time the thing erases it before I finish. So I am going to take each family one at a time.

When you go to reunion's they can be bitter sweet. It is so much fun to see your cousin and aunt and uncle and seeing the ever growing family but then you look around and see those that are missing. There was no Aunt Maggie or Uncle Perrin. Uncle Perrin used to tease me about the 'wiggly things' in the water. (when I was a little girl I saw what water looked like under a microscope and didn't want to take a bath after that.)....(Mom told Uncle Perrin). No Uncle Paul with his sweet, kind Manner. No Aunt Jean, whom everyone loved being around, she always had a way of making you feel good about yourself. No Uncle Jerry and Uncle Junior, who were some of the youngest of the group. Also there was No Aunt Velma who did so many kind things for me. I miss my cousin Pat who walks the streets of my memories. Sandra who always looked so pretty with bright blue eyes. I know there are others too, each is missed and loved. One thing for sure they would be proud of their children and family. My kids remarked on how nice everyone was and how much fun they had. I didn't expect for them to feel anything less.

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